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ASCA × spira spica from SACRA MUSIC [Interview][Comic Fiesta 2023][CF2023]【インタビュー】

Comic Fiesta 2023 was the first time ASCA and spira spica came to Malaysia.Our team had the privilege of engaging in an exclusive conversation with both ASCA and spira spica.Join us as we delve into the world of ASCA and spira spica on what they had brought to Malaysian shores during this momentous occasion at…
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LAM x Kureiji Ollie (from hololive ID) Talk Show

Today, we had the opportunity to attend the day-stage talk show event hosted by Kureiji Ollie with her Mama (or artist), Lam! Ollie served as both the stage emcee and the Japanese language translator and did a fantastic job even though she is still learning Japanese! 👏 Throughout the talk show, there were plenty of…
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GARNiDELiA: Reaching beyond the horizon [C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2018][Interview]

GARNiDELiA made a quick stopover in Singapore this AFA to perform in the ILA Concert, and to announce their upcoming one-man live in Singapore on April 13, 2019! We managed to catch up with the unique duo to ask them about their 2018, and their plans for next year! 極楽浄土 (Gokuraku Jodo) has almost reached…
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YURiKA: Fulfilling my dreams, one step at a time [C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2018][Interview]

C3AFASG2018 was YURiKA’s first ever overseas performance and we were lucky enough to sit down with the up-and-coming, bubbly songstress to ask her a few questions. Enjoy!


You’ve seen his covers. Got inspired by his beautiful renditions of your favorite classics. And most importantly, fell in love with his music.  Introducing, Maik Guo the prodigal, classically trained pianist, known better as Animenz! Animenz started piano at the tender age of 6, and has been playing it ever since! With close to two decades of commitment…
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What better way to kick start our brand new blog than releasing an exclusive coverage of a very special guest?! Introducing, Rie Yunohara! Based in Japan, she recently starred as a member of the All Japan Idol National Team from the Welcome to Japan Project at Japan EXPO 2015! That’s not all! Last spring, this beautiful…
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