What better way to kick start our brand new blog than releasing an exclusive coverage of a very special guest?!

Introducing, Rie Yunohara!


Based in Japan, she recently starred as a member of the All Japan Idol National Team from the Welcome to Japan Project at Japan EXPO 2015! That’s not all! Last spring, this beautiful idol braved adversity and made her solo debut! Looks like flowers were not the only thing that bloomed!

She’s also very active on social media sites!

Back in Singapore 

Rie has been confirmed to be a guest at this year’s STGCC’15! Together with You Yanase, Rie will be having a stage special on Saturday, 12 September at 1800 hours! The stage event is expected to last for 45 minutes!

Do check out her official event page for more details!


Some time ago, we were graced with the opportunity to interview Rie-Cho! She was exquisitely dressed for the character Nishikino Maki of LoveLive!. It’s not very often anyone would meet an actual idol, cosplaying an idol character! 

Here we go!

Q. Hello Rie! Please introduce yourself! 

Nice to meet you, I’m Rie Yunohara. The reason I debuted was simply because i love dancing and singing. At first, I was more focused and centered around dance, but everyone enjoys and smiles more when I sing along with the dance routine. 

I’ll do my best to reach greater heights! 

Q. Wow, the bond with your fans sure is incredible! Do you have any goal or dream you’re working towards?

Definitely! Currently, I’m only performing live shows within Japan. Someday, I wish to be able to perform in front of a huge audience overseas! I find very heartwarming to encounter fans from other countries! It’s things like this that keep me going! 

Q. Do you have any plans of returning to Singapore or take part in any overseas events?

Ah, sadly, I currently don’t have any plans in taking part in overseas events… BUT! I’m open to invitations and really looking forward to my next “out-of-Japan” experience! To everyone who wants to call me over for an event, please do! I’ll give it my best and more! Don’t leave me out!!!

Q. Looks like our time is almost up, before we leave, do you have any thoughts about Singapore or final words for the fans here? 

I’m based in Japan, and this is my first time here in sunny Singapore! Everywhere I go, I’m greeted with incredibly tall buildings! Isn’t it cool? The surroundings are very clean and the food is very delicious. I’ll miss chicken rice! The weather is warm and nice to stay in too. I would love to come by again!

Photo shoot

We also had a little photo shoot with her! 






An aspiring idol, with dreams on a global scale and a strong bond with her fans. You just can’t help but want to support Rie! 

To all new, old and soon-to-be fans, don’t forget about her live performance during STGCC’15!

That’s all for now! 


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