LAM x Kureiji Ollie (from hololive ID) Talk Show

LAM x Kureiji Ollie (from hololive ID) Talk Show

Today, we had the opportunity to attend the day-stage talk show event hosted by Kureiji Ollie with her Mama (or artist), Lam! Ollie served as both the stage emcee and the Japanese language translator and did a fantastic job even though she is still learning Japanese! 👏 Throughout the talk show, there were plenty of banter moments between Ollie and Lamama, showcasing their close relationship! For example, as Ollie was projected on the big screen, Lam was surprised that she was so much bigger than he expected, to which they both laughed and joked about how much she had grown. The crowd were a huge part of the excitement too, singing a belated Happy Birthday song to Lam (his birthday was 3 days ago) and showing a picture of OLLIEGUNAWAN for everyone to see! Without further ado, below are some highlights of the questions and answers written directly from the talk show!

Image credit: AFA Staff / Ollie’s twitter

Questions for LAM:

  1. How long have you been drawing and when did you start drawing professionally?
    1. I started drawing when I was very young, and I actually only became a professional artist 5 years ago.
  2. What do you usually do when you enter a slump or face an art block?
    1. I listen to very fast paced music and scream AHHHHH as I draw. I also tend to watch horror films to gain inspiration.
  3. What projects are you currently working on?
    1. I have been working on a project for the past 5 years and I’m still working on it till this day! I have also been trying my hand out at creating music so in addition to being Oliie’s mama, you can call me a P too (laughs)
  4. Any advice for up-and-coming illustrators or those that want to pursue drawing as a career?
    1. I actually really like drawing eyes, so my goal when drawing is to always try and make the eyes (of characters I draw) to become even more beautiful and stronger. So, my advice to all aspiring illustrators would be to just keep drawing things that they like.
  5. Any difference between drawing on paper vs those that use digital mediums to draw?
    1. I feel that drawing digitally is very easy as I just need to click a few buttons every now and then. However, I feel that being good at both is definitely better even though it is harder to draw on paper.

Questions relating to Ollie and hololive:

  • How did you get the request to draw the character designs for Ollie?
    • I received an email from Cover Corporation that simply asked for a character with 4 criteria: RED, CRAZY, CUTE, and ZOMBIE. *laughs*
    • How long did it take for you to draw the final model? Was it based on a past illustration?
      • After receiving that email, it took me about 4 seconds to draw her final model because it was so easy haha
  • How did you come up with the AFA x hololive Meet x LAM graphic?
    • I basically just pictured how the three hololive members (Ollie, Miko and IryS) would act in Singapore. With Ollie, I would imagine her doing the crazy gesture of trying to mimic the towers of MBS, whereas with Miko I would imagine her just trying to act very prim and proper like. With IryS, I draw her just trying to act as normal (to her character) as possible.
    • How long did this graphic took?
      • It actually took around 5 days, and it was super tough to draw this because of the schedules and deadlines that I faced! *laughs*
  • Any future plans to share with the crowd, especially with regards to further costume designs for Ollie?
    • I really like sailor costumes, so maybe something related to that? Do look forward to her future outfits!


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