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YOASOBI Solo Concert “YOASOBI 1st LIVE『KEEP OUT THEATER』” Goes Online on 14th February! Overseas Tickets Available!

YOASOBI is a Japanese duo best described as “the musical unit that turns literature into music”. Their debut song “Yoru ni Kakeru” released in November 2019 attracted a lot of attention immediately after its release and has now exceeded 300 million views on streaming platforms. YOASOBI also swept the #1 spot on multiple streaming charts,…
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Sawano Hiroyuki LIVE [emU] 2021 Goes Online! Tickets available to Overseas Fans!

Hiroyuki Sawano’s solo concert “Sawano Hiroyuki LIVE [emU] 2021”, scheduled to be held at the Tachikawa Stage Garden in Japan on 13th and 14th February 2021, will be streamed to overseas audiences! This streaming event consists of two separate performances and is slated for 14th February 2021. Tickets are now on sale! *Please note that…
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“millennium parade 3D Live 2020” goes Online!

Japanese creative collective millennium parade announced that they will be streaming their year-end solo concert “millennium parade 3D Live 2020”, held live last 23rd December 2020, and also to commemorate the release of their debut album “THE MILLENNIUM PARADE” on 10th February 2021 The stream is titled “millennium parade Live 2020”, and is happening this…
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Sony Music AnimeSongs ONLINE at Nippon Budokan on 3rd January 2021

The concert will be held in Nippon Budokan without a live audience,” Sony Music AnimeSongs ONLINE at Nippon Budokan” is an online festival featuring an amazing lineup of 24 Sony Music artists. Enhanced by AR technology-based production, the streaming event provides non-stop performances of music centered on a variety of anime theme songs, including the…
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AFA STATION Festival Online Week

The first AFA STATION Festival Online Week will have three key days spanning over one week: 30th August – Saturday (previously announced as 29th August), and 5th & 6th September – Saturday & Sunday, online via AFA STATION is hosted on a special customised platform, showcasing various functionalities such as video streaming, content launches,…
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KENSHI YONEZU trends Worldwide after Fortnite Performances, Uniqlo T-shirt Collaboration Sells Out Quickly After Launch

New York, NY [August 14, 2020]: J-Pop singer-songwriter and music producer, Kenshi Yonezu, has designed exclusive illustrations for his Uniqlo T-shirt collaboration. The merchandise, which was only available online and in NY stores, were sold out almost immediately. However, it has since been restocked online and can be purchased globally starting on August 14, 2020.…
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Kenshi Yonezu After over 2 years, Japanese singer-songwriter and music producer, Kenshi Yonezu, has officially released his long-awaited 5th studio album, “STRAY SHEEP”, along with a music video for “Campanella”. Fans all over the world have demonstrated their excitement, as pre-sales for the album skyrocketed to 1 million copies, shipped out on August 4, 2020.…
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Aniplex Online Fest on 4th and 5th July, 2020

「Tokyo LosT Tracks – SakuraChill -」(DJ Program to be released at Aniplex Online Fest on 4th and 5th July, 2020) Lo-Fi Beats channel, “Tokyo LosT Tracks -SakuraChill-”, which delivers original animation and chill-out music 24/7, was released by Sony Music Labels on March 21, 2020. Lo-Fi Beats, a medium of music without lyrics, is now…
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millennium parade hits #1 on Japanese all genre charts!

“Fly with me” by millennium parade hit #1 on Japanese all genre charts! The song is the opening theme of Netflix Series, “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045”, and was even remixed by Steve Aoki. A great fan of anime, Steve Aoki had this to say: “The song is incredible, making the working process incredible. The…
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milet releases her first full album – “eyes”

After debuting in 2019 and topping over 11 charts with single, “inside you”, milet launched her first full album “eyes” on June 3, 2020. milet’s international musical influence is highly evident on the album, as she is fluent in three languages (Japanese, English and French) and grew up in Canada.