Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023 #AFASG2023

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023 #AFASG2023

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023 (#AFASG23) is set to captivate ACG (Anime, Comics, and Games) enthusiasts and families at the Suntec Singapore Convention Centre from November 24 to 26, 2023. This premier event will feature the latest anime releases, the cream of Japanese entertainment, iconic figures from popular culture, and a display of the region’s top creators. The organizers, known for hosting Southeast Asia’s largest and most widely followed J-Culture & ACG festival, recently unveiled a series of exciting updates during a global live stream, providing a sneak peek into some of the festival’s key highlights.

● Night Concerts:
3 star-studded nights: AFA x I LOVE ANISONG on Friday, AFA x hololiveMeet on Saturday (sold out), and AFA x SACRA MUSIC FES. on Sunday.

● Day Stage:
J-pop celebrity Iori Moe to be AFA Singapore 2023 Official Ambassador
Featured anime and regional premieres
Special guest appearances, including creators from MAPPA

● Exhibition Highlights:
Over 120 of the world’s best creators to showcase their craft at Creators Hub
Over 70 local and international exhibitors at Akiba Town
● Special Collaborations:
Bushiroad Expo Asia to be held in AFASG23
Collaboration with local and overseas creators including AkiZero, Daiyaku, @jazh.mine, Sarah Thursday, and Xiaoyukiko
Exclusive AFA Launch: Tsuburaya Unveils Ultraman Card Game for the 1st time

Three evenings filled with star-studded concerts await music and anime enthusiasts from November 24 to 26. Over 20 artists and groups will grace the stage, promising a delightful experience. Organizers announced the sell-out of tickets for the AFA x hololiveMeet on November 25, but there are still a limited number of tickets available for AFA x I LOVE ANISONG on November 24 and AFA x SACRA MUSIC FES. on November 26.

Highlights of AFA Night Concerts include:
● 24 November: I Love Anisong featuring artists ASTERISM, Liyuu, May’n, NANO, Survive Said The Prophet, and Tatsuya Kitani.

● 25 November: With nine artistes across three teams in one production, hololive Meet will see Sakura Miko, Hoshimachi Suisei, Ayunda Risu, Moona Hoshinova, Pavolia Reine, Kobo Kanaeru, Mori Calliope, IRyS, and Hakos Baelz in talk shows and a concert.

● 26 November: SACRA MUSIC FES. will feature artistes FLOW, ASCA, halca, spira spica, and a special appearance by Nami Tamaki.

The VIP Ticket Packages for the 3-day event are now fully booked. These exclusive packages not only grant entry to the exhibition grounds and day stage but also come with special privileges like AFASG Fastlane access, opportunities to participate in ballots for artiste-signed posters, postcard packs, and additional perks.

Special Collaborations

The festival is set to showcase a range of unique collaborations, featuring:

  • Bushiroad Expo Asia 2023, where trading card game enthusiasts can engage in tournaments such as The Bushiroad Championship Series 2023 Regional Championship and Shadowverse: Evolve World Invitational 2023 Regional Qualifier. Attendees can also anticipate merchandise sales, video game demos, and instructional sessions to grasp the intricacies of the games. Adding to the excitement, World Wonder Ring Stardom, also known as STARDOM, a Japanese women’s professional wrestling group, is slated to make an appearance at AFASG23 as part of the Bushiroad Expo.
  • Ultraman: Presented by Tsuburaya Productions, this collaboration promises a series of activities ranging from Ultraman appearances and Live Stage performances to engaging booth activities. Attendees will have the chance to witness the life-sized Gomora inflatable exclusively at AFASG23. Additionally, participants can be among the first to experience the Ultraman Card Game and collect exclusive PR cards.

Day Stage Highlights

Hall 406 will come alive with the AFA Day Stage, featuring a lineup of screenings, guest talk shows, and more from November 24 to 26. The initial wave of highlights includes:

  • November 24 (Friday):
    • Exclusive Southeast Asia premieres of “Chained Soldier” and “Tales of Wedding Rings.”
    • Special Guests: Iori Moe (AFA 2023 Official Ambassador), Shigure Ui (Illustrator)
  • November 25 (Saturday):
    • Seiyuus Ai Kayano and Yumi Uchiyama from “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2” and Sumire Uesaka from “Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian” will share their insights on the Day Stage.
  • November 26 (Sunday):
    • Seiyuu Soma Saito from “Rurouni Kenshin” will be a featured guest on the Day Stage.
    • MAPPA: Special guests will include Manabu Otsuka (CEO of MAPPA), Yuichiro Hayashi (Anime Director), and Mari Okada (Anime Director and Screenwriter).
    • Cardfight!! Vanguard Talk Stage will showcase Seiyuus Amane Shindo, Yuka Nishio, and Hina Aoki.

Stay tuned for more Day Stage activities and content updates as the date approaches.

Exhibition: Akiba Town

Prepare for a shopping extravaganza at Akiba Town, where over 70 exhibitors will showcase their latest merchandise, some of which are exclusive to the festival. Key highlights include:

  • HoYo FEST 2023, featuring a series of online and offline events, exclusive merchandise, prizes, and live stage interactions. Attendees can participate in web-sharing events to receive in-game rewards and physical prizes.
  • Kotobukiya Store: In celebration of its 70th Anniversary, Kotobukiya will present Kotobukiya Store Exclusives such as the “TRANSFORMERS NEMESIS PRIME LIMITED EDITION BISHOUJO STATUE” and “DARKSTALKERS MORRIGAN LIMITED EDITION BISHOUJO STATUE.” Look out for fantastic deals on other Kotobukiya products at the event.
  • Lead Inc., after a successful debut at AFA Creators Super Fest 2023, returns with its previously sold-out line of cat plush toys, now featuring new gigantic 120-cm plush toys.
  • MEDIA LINK will offer exclusive merchandise, making its debut in Singapore, from popular anime like “Oshi no Ko,” “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury,” and “Chainsaw Man.”
  • Attendees can anticipate special anime Grab Bags from Muse Communication available exclusively at AFASG23.
  • RURUSAMA, content creator/cosplayer, makes a grand return with her merchandise and, this time, unveils her BIGGEST booth yet.

Exhibition: Akiba Stage

Nestled within the exhibition areas, AFA’s Akiba Stage promises captivating displays of talent, featuring both Japanese and local artists. The lineup includes:

  • DEAR KISS, a beloved Japanese Idol Group, making a triumphant return to AFASG23 with their dance and vocal performances.
  • Forbidden Equation, an Idol Group presenting a novel concept with live performances centered around the roles of teachers and students, offering an unforgettable experience.
  • Singaporean Virtual Idol Group SO*DA, set to debut a special version of their new music video exclusively at the Akiba Stage.
  • Selected members of the popular idol group KissBee, showcasing not only their original songs but also tunes from trending idol anime and idol game content.
  • A music showcase featuring 4 V-Reverie talents: Lilrya Prisvielle, Nova Aokami, Ophelia Midnight, and Akiko Sushi, engaging with the audience through performances.
  • TikTok Live’s Friday Music Show, a live event where music creators compete on TikTok LIVE with a focus on anime songs. The winner earns the opportunity to perform on the Akiba Stage.
  • Virtual Talent Audition organized by Ziku-management Inc., offering a platform for virtual talents in Japan and the US. The audition winner will have a spotlight on the Akiba Stage.
  • Amelia Khor, the talented songstress from Malaysia, set to deliver a captivating performance with her band on the Akiba Stage.
  • Pentel ft Manda Dayoyo stage, featuring a live demonstration by the veteran Singaporean Illustrator showcasing character sketches using stationery from Pentel.
  • Golden Mix, an anime music party platform based in Singapore, ready to energize the audience with the best anime music hits at AFASG23.
  • ASTRALINE, a multimedia project by Merryweather Media, presenting a virtual talent agency merging international virtual streamers with the storytelling flair of Merryweather Media comics. Lucius Merryweather, Alfhilde Odinsdottir, Lumi, Fredrik Knudsen, and Nick Nocturne will blur the boundaries of fiction and reality on stage.
  • The Cosplay Singles Competition takes center stage with increased stakes. The winner not only receives $1200 in cash but also gains the opportunity to shine on a stage that could pave the way for a future as a professional cosplayer.

Creators Hub and Cosplay Hub

AFA’s eagerly awaited Creator’s Hub will feature the participation of over 120 of the world’s finest creators.

Additionally, AFASG23 will welcome some of the globe’s foremost cosplayers, with 26 cosplay celebrities set to make an appearance, including:

+Ely Cosplay+
● Angie0_0
● Amelia Khor 小飛鼠
● Baobao
● Charess
● HanaAme 雨波
● Kiyo
● Larissa Rochefort
● Xiaoyukiko
● Ying Tze

Enhanced Visitor Experience

AFAVERSE is set to make a return to the festival grounds, offering visitors a more immersive, game-like experience on-site. Each visitor will receive a specially designed NFC-enabled band. By pairing it with their smartphones, attendees can access a dynamic dashboard, providing information on the festival floorplan, schedules, and more. Interacting with various touchpoints throughout the festival allows visitors to accumulate AFA-Coins, which can be redeemed for exciting prizes.

Furthermore, attendees can anticipate a streamlined entry experience, starting from the moment they purchase a ticket. With advanced redemption times, dedicated entry lanes for different ticket types, and efficient security checks, organizers have implemented measures to ensure attendees enjoy the best possible festival experience while prioritizing safety.

Dive into the vibrant world of J-culture at AFA Singapore 2023 with #AFASG23. Please note that #AFASG23 is a ticketed event.

All AFA tickets are available online via Ticketmaster at Ticket prices start from S$28 per day for
the exhibition segment.
Stay tuned to the official site or connect on social media for the latest updates on the festival.
Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023
Dates: 24 – 26 November 2023
Location: Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, Levels 3 & 4
Timing: 10am – 8pm


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