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Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023 #AFASG2023

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023 (#AFASG23) is set to captivate ACG (Anime, Comics, and Games) enthusiasts and families at the Suntec Singapore Convention Centre from November 24 to 26, 2023. This premier event will feature the latest anime releases, the cream of Japanese entertainment, iconic figures from popular culture, and a display of the region’s…
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Tomomi Mineuchi is quitting Seiyuu voice acting business this year – 嶺内ともみが今年で声優業の廃業

Voice Actress Seiyuu Tomomi Mineuchi has announced that she will be retiring on 31st December 2022. This was announced on the official website of her agency, I’m Enterprise, on 20th November 2022. On the website, it was posted as: “I will continue to work with gratitude until the end, so I would appreciate it if…
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AFA Night LIVE EXTRAVAGANZA! and more at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2022

At the Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2022 event, SOZO had a big surprise installed for us – the upcoming AFA Night LIVE!  Brings together a star-studded line-up for two nights of musical extravaganza and the chance to meet Hololive Vtubers! With a line-up consisting of Hololive Meet  – Moona Hoshinova (hololive Indonesia), Anya Melfissa (hololive Indonesia), Mori Calliope…
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Tomori Kusunoki is stepping down from the voice behind Setsuna Yuki from Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club

Tomomi has been suffering from joint and muscle pain for many years. After repeated medical consultations, this joint-type condition was confirmed in September this year and is hereditary Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This condition causes fatigue and pain due to the muscles and joint tissues in the body becoming too hyperextensibility. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, Tomori…
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AFA STATION Festival Online Week

The first AFA STATION Festival Online Week will have three key days spanning over one week: 30th August – Saturday (previously announced as 29th August), and 5th & 6th September – Saturday & Sunday, online via AFA STATION is hosted on a special customised platform, showcasing various functionalities such as video streaming, content launches,…
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Love Live! Sunshine announces Aqours 4th Single Center Position General election

Dengeki G’s Magazine started their 3rd General election voting for Aqours fans to vote for their favourite member for the 4th Single Center Position. Of course, the character that placed first will be bestowed as the centre lead for Aqours 4th Single. With Aqours’ voice actresses tweeting on twitter about hoping their own character would…
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Suzuko Mimori talks about Revue Starlight, Milky Holmes and Love Live! [C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2018][Interview]

Returning once again to Singapore is the talented Suzuko Mimori, who was in town to both promote TV Anime Series Revue Starlight as well as perform in C3AFASG2018’s I Love Anisong Concert! Despite her busy schedule, we managed to catch the veteran voice-actress & singer for a few words. Enjoy! Q: Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight (少女☆歌劇…
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Revue Starlight Momoyo Koyama & Suzuko Mimori [C3AFASG 2018 First Singapore Red Carpet Walk]

Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Momoyo Koyama & Suzuko Mimori pictures taken during C3AFASG – C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2018

C3 ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA SINGAPORE 2018 – I Love Anisong Concert!

Celebrating 10th anniversary of Anime Festival in Singapore! This year marks an important milestone for C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore. And importantly, C3AFASG is going big!! featuring fresh acts and returning favourites artistes and many more stellar contents! It’s that time of the year again, where we head to C3AFASG2018 for its annual highlight event…
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Following up the Soramaru Interview last year, we bring you now not one, not two but three voice actors – Emi Nitta, Junya Enoki and Mark Ishii! Emi Nitta is a Japanese voice actress and a singer. Her first major role was Ricca Morizono in Da Capo III. Her biggest role to date is undeniably Honoka…
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