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YOASOBI Solo Concert “YOASOBI 1st LIVE『KEEP OUT THEATER』” Goes Online on 14th February! Overseas Tickets Available!

YOASOBI is a Japanese duo best described as “the musical unit that turns literature into music”. Their debut song “Yoru ni Kakeru” released in November 2019 attracted a lot of[…]

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Sawano Hiroyuki LIVE [emU] 2021 Goes Online! Tickets available to Overseas Fans!

Hiroyuki Sawano’s solo concert “Sawano Hiroyuki LIVE [emU] 2021”, scheduled to be held at the Tachikawa Stage Garden in Japan on 13th and 14th February 2021, will be streamed to[…]

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“millennium parade 3D Live 2020” goes Online!

Japanese creative collective millennium parade announced that they will be streaming their year-end solo concert “millennium parade 3D Live 2020”, held live last 23rd December 2020, and also to commemorate[…]

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