Love Live! Sunshine announces Aqours 4th Single Center Position General election

Love Live! Sunshine announces Aqours 4th Single Center Position General election

Dengeki G’s Magazine started their 3rd General election voting for Aqours fans to vote for their favourite member for the 4th Single Center Position.

Of course, the character that placed first will be bestowed as the centre lead for Aqours 4th Single.

With Aqours’ voice actresses tweeting on twitter about hoping their own character would be chosen.

Aika Kobayashi 小林 愛香(Aikyan) tweet:
“To the place that Yohane will shine the brightest (for the 1st time).
This time (would be it)!!! Now is the time

Kanako Takatsuki 高槻 かなこ (King) tweet:
“Aqours single centre general election.
I didn’t dare to address this since the first (general election).
To be honest, really, I was really scared.
I always think that I could not be ranked first even if I did my best-est, so I have always been running away and trying not to see the result.
However, this time, I will not turn my back anymore!
I wish Hanamaru chan would see the current me right now.
I hope to face Hanamura chan with confidence!”

Aqours fans are frantically voting for their favourite daily while some justifying which member should be chosen instead.

Current members that held the centre position(s) for the following songs:
Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM (You Watanabe)
HAPPY PARTY TRAIN (Kanan Matsuura)
MY Mai☆TONIGHT (Dia Kurosawa & Ruby Kurosawa)

The voting will ends on 31st January 2019 17:00 Japan timing。
*You are allowed to vote once daily till 31st January 2019

Reasons why Hanamaru should be the centre for Aqours 4th single.
Previously, King mentioned that even if she tried her best, she still would be overshadowed by the rest as she felt that she was the least popular among the 9 Aqours members. Thus, didn’t manage to make Hanamaru shine.
King thought that her merchandises wouldn’t/difficult to sell, and cut down on the printing. But apparently, there’s more demand.
However, everything changes when 2 female fans cried with joy in front of her during a meet&greet. The fans said to her that it was a blessing to meet King.
King then felt that probably she should be more optimistic as there are still fans waiting patiently for her and Aqours.

If any King/Hanamaru fans willing to tweet this on 11th January 2019 2359 Japan timing? Hope to bring a trend to the hashtag! and a smile to King’s face!

*Either with this post/ Hanamaru/King’s picture(s)


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