[Interview] Konomi Suzuki 鈴木このみ [Comic Fiesta][CF2022]

[Interview] Konomi Suzuki 鈴木このみ [Comic Fiesta][CF2022]

Comic Fiesta 2022 was Konomi Suzuki first overseas performance since Covid! And we had the great opportunity with energetic and bubbly AniSong songstress to ask her a few questions. Enjoy!

Please tell us more about your latest single – “Love? Reason why!!”. For example, what was the concept behind the CD cover design? What kind of emotions were you trying to portray? What was the atmosphere like during the recording sessions? Which part of the lyrics do you like or relate to?

For the opening theme song for ”Renai Flops” (Love Flops), I challenged myself to express the kawaii-ness of someone who’s bold yet modest, someone who wants to run away despite confessing her love to someone. I particularly like the line, “Go and fall in love,” but it’s also the part I struggled with during the recording. In the end, the version that I sang as if speaking to a live audience in front of me was used. Also, the album “ULTRA FLASH” was a big presence in my life this year so I had the CD jacket cover designed as an extension of it. The pink lightning is the reference point.

You sang for the VisualArt Key visual novels “Summer Pockets” (“ALKATALE”) & “Summer Pockets Reflection Blue” (ASTERLORE). How do you feel about singing for a visual novel and any special thoughts on both singles? Are there any differences in singing for a visual novel than for an Anime series?

I was happy that the people at key asked me because I like “Angel Beats”, and it was a special experience. There wasn’t a huge difference singing-wise as in both cases I need to embrace the story to sing but when I read this story I was struck by the clarity of the girls’ souls and the surrounding scenery so I searched for and recorded in a voice that sounded beautiful and resonated. I think it helped me find a new signing voice.

You also voiced Inari the wild fox in Summer Pockets. Were there any challenges or interesting moments that occurred when you took up this voice acting role of voicing a non-human character?

Dubbing was really-really hard! I got the staff to help me try and capture the “kawaii-ness”. Because the character essentially only says “Pon!” even if it’s happy or sad I realized how important it was to be emphatic. A real learning experience.

You will be celebrating your 10th anniversary in April 2023. Could you briefly describe how you feel about 2022 and what can fans expect from you for your 10th year onward? 

Back when I made my debut, 10 years seemed so far away but it’s flashed by so quickly. So much has happened that I don’t know where to begin but it was all made possible thanks to the support of so many people. In the next 10 years I’d like to go overseas more often to sing and now that I’ve established a company I am looking forward to the freedom of doing whatever interests me or that I need to challenge myself with. I want to continue shining brightly through my songs so please look forward to what I’m going to do next!

Having sang in Malaysia in 2018, how are you feeling about coming back to Malaysia to perform live in Kuala Lumpur?

It was my first overseas performance in a long time but the moment I got on stage and saw the crowd I was overwhelmed. I also sang a song produced during Covid, and I was so happy when everyone sang along so loudly with me. Thanks to everyone’s love and passion, it turned out into a great evening. Every time I come I end up liking Malaysia even more. I’ll work hard so that I’ll be able to come again. And I feel so honored to have been able to sing at such a great event like Comic Fiesta.

Since your last visit to Malaysia was in Penang, is there anything that you are interested to try in KL? Also, what are some things that you enjoyed from your experiences in Malaysia?

I wanted to thank everyone for loving my songs so I learnt “Rasa Sayang”! The audience sang along and it was a beautiful moment! And this time I chose the colors of the Malaysian flag for my costume. I loved that when I was about to say “thank you” at the end of the performance, the audience instead said to me. That I got to speak directly with the fans at the meet and greet. That the Japanese ambassadors, Mr. Takahashi and his wife invited to me to dinner which was a priceless experience. That I got to eat durian which my fans had recommended. And for the delicious food, delicious food, delicious food.. (lol) It was all so wonderful, it’s too difficult to single out one thing.

Suzuki Konomi Special Live Performance Gallery

Suzuki Konomi Meet & Greet Gallery

Official Website Line Blog Nico Video Twitter Catch more about Suzuki Konomi’s Comic Fiesta 2022 performance! Konomi Suzuki, the 5th All-Japan Anime Song Grand Prix winner at just 14 years of age and one of Japan’s top anime pop star has successfully wrapped up her one night performance in Malaysia for Comic Fiesta 2022, one of Southeast Asia’s largest anime events. “Suzuki Konomi’s Special Live Performance in Malaysia” was organised by the Japan Foundation (JF), co-organised by Comic Fiesta and Embassy of Japan in Malaysia.. Attended by almost 2,000 fans, the concert was graced by the presence of H. E. Mr. Takahashi Katsuhiko, Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia, and Mr. Surya Kumar A/L Subramaniam, Senior Principal Assistant Secretary, International Relations Division (Culture), Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC). 2022 is a memorable year as Japan mark the 40th anniversary of the “Look East Policy,” which is aimed at promoting social and economic development in Malaysia by learning from the experiences of Japan and Korea. This year also marks the 10th anniversary since Konomi Suzuki’s debut back in 2012
“Thank you for coming today! I was very moved by your passion. It was the best night!!!” shared Suzuki Konomi.
With this being her third visit to Malaysia, she added that Malaysia has a special place in her heart. A Meet and Greet session with Konomi  was also held at KLCC on 18 December. “Konomi Suzuki is a very sweet person. She has a lot of stage presence and can belt out powerfully whether in recording and during live performances,” shared by one of her fans. Did you know that this is Konomi Suzuki 3rd visit to Malaysia, with her 1st trip being a school trip! This is also Konomi Suzuki 1st overseas live after Covid! Her attire also matched the Malaysia’s flag!
“My costume was Malaysia national flag color. white is my heart” – Konomi Suzuki
Konomi Suzuki’s Special Live Performance in Malaysia 2022 concert is scheduled to be streamed via “STAGE BEYOND BORDERS—Selection of Japanese Performances,” JF’s online streaming project for stage performances later in spring of 2023 with multilingual subtitles including English and Bahasa Malaysia. For more information, please visit www.jfkl.org.my. Special Thanks to Teri (Comic Fiesta) *Comic Fiesta Photo credit: DevLee Photography*


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