Sony Music AnimeSongs ONLINE 2022

Sony Music AnimeSongs ONLINE 2022

“Sony Music AnimeSongs ONLINE 2022” will be streamed online, with a total of 14 top artists from Sony Music Japan who will be performing popular anime theme songs on 8th and 9th January!

All 14 performing artists are part of Sony Music Japan and have sung a number of popular theme songs from various top anime and time periods, including: FLOW for “NARUTO”. BLUE ENCOUNT for “My Hero Academia”, Eir Aoi for the “SWORD ART ONLINE” series, T.M.Revolution, who is celebrating his 25th anniversary, for “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” and many more!

Each day will feature 7 artists. The DAY 1 stream on 8th January (Saturday) will feature: Eir Aoi, KANA-BOON, Sayuri, sumika, TK from Ling tosite sigure, Who-ya Extended, and FLOW! Meanwhile, the DAY 2 stream on 9th January (Sunday) will feature Aimer, Cö shu Nie, SPYAIR, CHiCO with HoneyWorks, T.M.Revolution, TrySail, and BLUE ENCOUNT! All artists have released special comments on their upcoming performances.

The event will be streamed in Japan and simultaneously to other countries and territories via Stagecrowd. Meanwhile, an edited version of each individual artist’s performance from the two-day event will be streamed from 7:00 PM (Pacific Time) on 22nd January 2022 via Veeps. 

Ticket sales will start from 10th December 2021. Don’t miss “Sony Music AnimeSongs ONLINE 2022”!

【Official Website】
【Official Twitter】

【Event Information】
 Event Name: Sony Music AnimeSongs ONLINE 2022
Ticket Sales: Starts 10th December 2021

● Stagecrowd
Date / Time:    
【DAY 1】 8th January 2022 (Saturday): Opens 16:00 JST / Starts 17:00 JST 
【DAY 2】 9th January 2022 (Sunday): Opens 16:00 JST / Starts 17:00 JST

Archive: Up to one week after the end of the stream

Ticket Price:    
【DAY 1】 8th January 2022: JPY 4,400 (tax included)
【DAY 2】 9th January 2022: JPY 4,400 (tax included)
 Two-day: JPY 8,600 (tax included)

Countries & Regions: Japan, USA, UK, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and others.

● Veeps (Edited Ver.)
Date / Time: 【Edited Ver. DAY 1 & Day 2】 22nd January 2022: Starts 19:00 Pacific Time
Archive: Up to one day after the end of the stream
Ticket Price: USD 20
Countries & Regions:  Worldwide (Except China)

【Performing Artists】(in alphabetical order)

【DAY1】8th January 2022 (Saturday)

 Eri Aoi
 TK from Ling tosite sigure:
 Who-ya Extended:

【DAY2】9th January 2022 (Sunday)

 CHiCO with HoneyWorks:
 Cö shu Nie:

【Artist Messages】

● Eir Aoi
In 2021, I am celebrating the 10th anniversary of my debut. I have created a setlist spanning these 10 years especially for you. I will sing with all my heart to reach everyone watching through the screen. Please watch the concert! See you!

● Aimer
For me, this is the first online concert for the year 2022, and is an opportunity for me to sing to everyone in Japan and around the world through the screen — I am looking forward to it very much. From the ballads I want to sing tenderly, to powerful songs that naturally fill me with passion when I sing, I’ve created a setlist with a variety of songs that I hope everyone will enjoy although it’s a short time.

My music has been used in many anime, and the songs I will sing this time are nostalgic and memorable songs that led me to new worlds and accomplished new milestones. With gratitude and respect to these works, I will sing each song with everything that I have now. Thank you.

We’re very grateful to be able to fill our setlist with all the anime theme songs! Since it will be streamed overseas, we hope to connect with people all over the world through this festival. We hope that everyone in Japan, after watching this, will also want to go see our live performances in person again!

● Cö shu Nie
A Cö shu Nie-style performance — a passionate stage filled with enthusiasm! It will be a concert full of highlights! We will play as much as we can to show that we are all connected by music, so please enjoy it.

● Sayuri
I have created a setlist with songs that were used as ending themes of various anime. Through my performance, I hope my songs in Japanese will reach people who love anime, not just in Japan but also all over the world. I am very much looking forward to this event streaming to the world!

We have been able to tour the world because of anime, and we have been helped in many ways by anime, so we hope we can share these feelings through our songs. We agonized over the final setlist because there were too many songs we wanted to perform, but we created something that everyone could enjoy so please look forward to it!

● sumika
This concert is full of highlights, one of which is the setlist. Since it’s “AnimeSongs ONLINE”, we tried things we have never done before!  Please look forward to it! We will bring to you our songs with a lot of passion — it’s a promise!

● CHiCO with HoneyWorks
“Sony Music AnimeSongs ONLINE 2022” will be streamed not only in Japan but also worldwide, and it’s our first time performing for a global audience online, so we’re nervous but also really looking forward to it! Our highlight is that we will bring our usual concert atmosphere as it is! We hope you can feel the live energy of CHiCO with HoneyWorks’ music.

Out of all the great memories of our anime theme song tie-ups — it has to be our debut song “Sekai wa Koi Ni Ochiteiru”! When my singing voice was played in real-time, and there were other people listening to it — I felt so much joy witnessing the moment I had been longing for, and I also felt indescribably embarrassed! But please enjoy the songs and performances while recalling the anime works! Thank you very much!

● T.M.Revolution
This concert is mainly about anime theme songs from Sony Music Labels. I hope to perform the songs that led to the connection between Sony Music Labels and anime songs, so please look forward to it!

● TK from Ling tosite Shigure
I played a lot of tie-up songs that I have been in charge of, such as the opening and ending songs of anime as well as the theme songs of movies, so please look forward to it! It’s filled with songs that opened up the opportunity for people to listen to my music not only in Japan but also Overseas. I’d be grateful if this lineup of artists which would have been difficult to gather if it wasn’t for streaming, would create an encounter to new music for the viewers worldwide.

● TrySail
This performance combines songs with different styles, such as cool songs as well as energetic songs! We think that this setlist is something that will let people all over the world appreciate the charm of TrySail, so we hope you all enjoy it!

● Who-ya Extended
We will sing a lot of anime songs at this concert! We’re gonna be on fire on stage, so please look forward to it!

We’re performing anime theme songs only! We would like to bring you gems among anime songs that BLUE ENCOUNT has been in charge of so far. It’s going to be a performance that will get you to sweat, so if you want to experience the heat of a concert from the start of the new year, please check it out!

This setlist lets you know what FLOW has become — including a performance of our latest song “DICE”! 2022 will be a milestone year for us, as we reach the 20th anniversary of our debut, so we hope to get off to a great start with you, through our performances!


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