J-Experience is back! After a long hiatus starting from AFA, we will be covering various Japanese and anime related events across Singapore. First up, would be “C3 CharaExpo 2016”!

Sora Tokui Signing Event

To kick off the event, Bushiroad has brought over Sora Tokui-san to Singapore for the 17th and 18th of May! Just for you guys who don’t know, Sora Tokui, or Soramaru, as she is more commonly known, is a voice actress for popular Anime series such as Milky Holmes, Love Live! and Luck and Logic! She has also dabbed in singing and is also a manga artist! A self-proclaimed otaku, she really likes the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.


The ever-cheerful Tokui-san was here to promote “C3 CharaExpo 2016”, as well as to sign postcards for her fans! On 17th May, Tokui-san travelled across Singapore, starting off with Battle Bunker at Bugis+, before heading to Active Games at Serangoon, Project EXT at Ang Mo Kio and ending her sign event at The Card Geeks at Farrer Road.


Even after all that, Tokui-san was still her usual jovial self at her final signing event of the day – at Kinokuniya Books Singapore’s main outlet. She continued to sign postcards or her fan books for her fans and even took a few group photos with them. We at J-Experience would just like to take this opportunity to thank her for coming down to Singapore and, “Otsukaresama-deshita!”


On the 18th May, Tokui-san once again appear on stage, this time to promote her new single, “Waku Doki Shooter”, the ending song for Anime series, “Future Card BuddyFight DDD”. She was also there to answer several interview questions, so let’s dive right in!


Soramaru: Hello! I am Sora Tokui, the voice actress from Milky Holmes, Love Live! and Luck and Logic! Nice to meet you all! This is the first time that I will be participating in C3 CharaExpo. It’s nice to see all of you here! I did not expect that many fans to turn up today.

Q: What do you think about this year’s line-up at “C3 CharaExpo 2016”?

Soramaru: It is a great line-up; there are many gorgeous and great people in it! In fact, I am really excited for this event and I might perform as part of the Milky Holmes group!

Q: Yesterday, you visited quite a number of card shops around Singapore. What do you think about it?

Soramaru: There were a lot of fans who came to meet me yesterday! I got to meet a lot of them so, thank you for all the support!

Q: Tell us more about the new single.

Soramaru: Yes! My new single, Waku Doki Shooter, is the ending song for Future Card BuddyFight DDD. I hope that I would be able to perform this song for you guys at “C3 CharaExpo 2016”!

Q: Lastly, do you have any shout outs to your fans?

Soramaru: I am really happy that I am able to meet so many fans today. I am really looking forward to the event. I will be coming with my Milky Holmes and Love Live! team! Hope to see you there! Thank you!

C3 CharaExpo 2016 Updates

After a successful first year, CharaExpo has returned this year bigger and better! For this event, Bushiroad is working with 3 new partners: ASATSU-DK Inc., SOTSU Co. Ltd. and Amuse Entertainment Singapore. It will be held on 9 and 10 July 2016 at Singapore Expo Hall 7.

The CEO of Bushiroad, Takaaki Kidani, was also onstage to give us more updates on the event. He said, “This is the 2nd CharaExpo in Singapore. It will be better and bigger. There will be bigger line-ups, bigger activities and bigger venues.”


Following the trend of upsizing, there will also be 2 premium lives held during “C3 CharaExpo 2016” on both 9th and 10th July by Suzuko Mimori and Emi Nitta, respectively. There will also be more exhibitors and artistes at the event, as well as movie screenings. On top of all that, a cosplay competition will be held, with the grand prize being a sponsored trip to Tokyo as well as an invitation to the Cosplay Collection Night @ Tokyo Game Show 2016. Not only that, New Japan Pro-Wrestling will be making a return after well-received feedback! For full list of updates, please scroll down!

Other Highlights of C3 CharaExpo include:

  1. Cos☆Stage: The highly anticipated stage returns this year and cosplay fans can compete to win an exclusive, all-expenses paid, invitation to the Cosplay Collection Night at Tokyo Game Show this year. Look out for more information on the C3 CharaExpo website soon.
  2. New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW): This year, Fans will be able to catch 12 superstars: Toru Yano, Hirooki Goto, Juice Robinson, David Finlay, Yoshi-Hashi, Kazuchika Okada, Gedo, Hiroshi Tanahasi, Togi Makabe, Tetsuya Naito, Bushi and EVIL in six matches that will be held over the two days.
  3. Card Game Tournament: Bushiroad’s annual tournament series, the Bushiroad Spring Fest, will feature a 600-seat card game area for both new and veteran players.

Tickets for C3 CharaExpo 2016 can be purchased now for $8 from SISTIC, Sony Stores and various card and hobby shops around Singapore. Those intending to attend the concert have to get their tickets from SISTIC at $43 (exclusive of booking surcharge). For full list of shops, visit here.

Don’t forget to like their Facebook page and their official C3 Chara Expo, for more details!


New Japan Pro-WrestlingBandaiTokyo MX
Daisuki Anime Consortium JapanBandai Namco EntertainmentTV Tokyo
Tokyo Game Show 2016BanprestoWakuWaku Japan
Nippon AnimationHobby JapanRainy Cocoa
DOGA KOBOTsuburayaNelke Planning
Bandai VisualGencoSony Digital Entertainment
Visual Arts JP
Studio Pierrot
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Movies to be screened at C3:

  1. The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days in History
  2. Love Live! The School Idol Movie
  3. Crayon Shin-chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack!

Special Guests:

  1. Mark Ishii – Voice Actor
  2. Emi Nitta – Voice Actress
  3. Junya Enoki – Voice Actor
  4. Syuta Morishima – Voice Actor
  5. Suzuko Mimori – Voice Actress
  6. Sora Tokui – Voice Actress
  7. Mikoi Sasaki – Voice Actress
  8. Izumi Kitta – Voice Actress
  9. Aimi – Voice Actress
  10. Ayasa Ito – Voice Actress
  11. Rimi Nishimoto – Voice Actress
  12. Yuka Ozaki – Voice Actress
  13. Satoshi Nakamura – Game Designer
  14. Asuka Nishi – Illustrator
  15. Bunkei Tanaka – TCG Producer
  16. Naoki Yoshino – TCG Producer
  17. Takashi Akiyama – TCG Producer
  18. Na-Ga – Illustrator/ Character Designer
  19. marina – Vocalist/ Singer (Girls Dead Monster/ZHIEND from Charlotte)
  20. The World Standard – Idol Group
  21. STARMARIE – Idol Group
  22. Yui Makino – Voice Actress/ Singer

New Japan Pro-Wrestlers:

  1. Juice Robinson
  2. David Finlay
  3. Toru Yano
  4. Hirooki Goto
  5. Yoshi-hashi
  6. Kazuchika Okada
  7. Gedo
  8. Hiroshi Tanahashi
  9. Togi Makabe
  10. Bushi
  11. Tetsuya Naito
  12. Evil

About C3 CharaExpo 2016

C3 CharaExpo 2016 is a Japanese manga, anime, games and cosplay event that will be held on 9 and 10 July 2016 in Singapore EXPO Hall 7. This is the first major Japanese content-related event to be held in Singapore. C3 CharaExpo 2016 aims to shine the spotlight on the people and team behind the scenes of these Japanese-related contents. The event will feature prominent producers, manga artists, illustrators, cosplayers and more. Fans can look forward to meeting these special guests and learn more about their passion and work. Major Japanese anime, manga and game companies will also be participating in the event to showcase and offer event-exclusive exhibits and merchandise. For more information, visit http://www.chara-expo.com/.

About Bushiroad

Bushiroad Inc. is an entertainment company known for developing Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight, Weiss Schwarz, Luck & Logic and other card games, promotional items, smartphone applications around the world. For more information about C3 CharaExpo 2016, please contact Bushiroad Inc. at press@bushiroad.com.

Photo credits to C3 CharaExpo and ©Bushiroad. All rights reserved.


Bushiroad “Waku Doki Shooter” Announcement

C3 Chara Expo


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